Do your foreign dubbing artists live in Turkey or abroad?

During our foreign voicing projects we usually work with dubbing artists who live in Turkey but also choose from the voice bank of professional agencies we work with abroad. Not all of the artists we work with in Turkey are local artists. We have many foreign artists who work in voicing and dubbing in Turkey. As GDC, we contact these artists, add them to our roster and find quick solutions to foreign language projects. Besides foreign nationals, we also work with artists who have spent a great deal of time abroad and can be categorized as native speakers.

How do I find the right voice for my project?

After carefully reviewing your project and receiving detailed information from you, we invite you to our studio so that you can find the best voice for your script or movie by listening to the demos of our artists. Based on your information and our expertise in the business we select the best voice for your project from among our rich and professional roster and record the individual together.

How long does a voice over last?

The duration of the voice over depends on the script and the length and type of your video (whether it's synchronized or not etc). Sometimes an ad voice over can take an hour but another one can last 4 hours. If your project is an animation or film that requires synching, that duration can be even longer.

How do you bill dubbings?

Billing depends on the type of your project and where it will be broadcast and for how long, with what frequency.

What do you look for in casting?

When casting, we look at the gender, age, tone color of the artists and whether the role requires extra effort. Remember; not every artist can dub Jim Carrey, known for his playfulness or Billy Burke, more of a straightforward actor.

Can everyone do voiceovers?

No, This requires education and experience