We're incorporating feeling into your work with voices from all around the world.

Local and foreign content from movies to documentaries, commercials you encounter on various mediums and digital games which cast a spell on millions of people from all ages.
Soulful productions that feature the voices of special artists you will recognize wherever you go. Casts that are intricately structured. How our path cross within life.

Our expertise reflects the emotion of the story in audio with perfectly matching the visual and the sound.

The expertise, quality and trust that lies behind the countless projects we create at the Global Dubbing Center gives you access to the best voices in the world. The recordings we make at our studios designed with the latest technology at two prestigious locations in Istanbul- Taksim and Maslak- differentiate themselves thanks to our expert and dynamic team.

We protect our translation, subtitle, dubbing and mixing works provided to our local and international clients through The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) and ISO 27001 Information Safety Management System.

Thanks to our cooperation with Netflix regarding their localization needs, we aim to maximize your viewing experience.

Since 2007, our precision to use world class technologies promises privilege to you and your projects. Our 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos studio at Maslak 42 lets you not just hear but feel the sound. We are proud to gift the Dolby Atmos, which offers viewers, listeners and gamers the 360 degree sound experience, to the cinema, digital platforms, games and the e-sports sector.

If what you're seeking is a world standard work experience that includes the best voices on earth, you're in the right place.

Global Dubbing Center